What is Included in the New Real Estate Data Solution?

Published 7 Dec 2018 By Deevoweb

I am interested in the community data and instant home valuation tool package. What all comes in that community data? Can we pick and choose what we want to show or is it an all or nothing type of thing?

Created 7 Dec 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello and thank you for reaching out. So, the new data package is at least for now an all or nothing situation. All of the fact / stats you see on the demo are going to be output when using the shortcode. This can either happen in the content of a landing page or in the community pages.

We are working on making this more flexible where you can choose certain pieces of the data, say the area schools, and output only that data. We want to do this so you can create valuable content for your users while at the same time making that content creation as easy as possible. If you have any other questions, just reach out to us!

Created 6 Aug 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

That's excellent Themes, and also glad to know that you make the landing page more flexible. So guys, what we need to do, share our landing pages here.

Created 13 Aug 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

Give me an example please I still stay to see it.

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