Published 2 Feb 2018 By bgalbraith

I guess we have to use custom CSS to change font styles for the Modern theme? Typically with most advanced themes I've dealt with the WP customizer will have a font section for title, header, para...etc etc.

Am I missing something?

Created 23 Feb 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes

No that is correct. We try and keep the customization options minimal. If you want to use custom fonts, you can usually pull them in using an @import from a service like google fonts.

Created 17 Aug 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

Is it helpful to change the font too?

Created 3 Sep 2021 | Posted By: Steven8262

I am looking at google fonts as a means to lower the size of the font file. I want to speed up page load. Has anybody done that?

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