Homepage Video Support in Modern Child Theme

Published 6 Jul 2018 By HHamdy

Hello - I have come into a lot of issue in regards to the homepage video. I currently have a bit of JavaScript involved in order to swap the video out for a mobile friendly video source and to auto mute and auto play the videos because of issues with Chrome and Safari - Safari still doesn't appear to support the bgvideo. Is there any plans to update the video area to be more supportive of browser and mobile differences?

Created 6 Jul 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello, yes we are planning on fixing this. A recent browser update on a lot of browsers have requested that you mute by default and some other items to make sure everything works as it should. I think by monday - tuesday we should have a patch in place for this.

Created 19 Jul 2018 | Posted By: HHamdy

Would this be dispersed as an update to the theme? In addition, is there any plans to make the mobile container responsive?

Created 12 Aug 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

The topic is really great,

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