Map Search/Feature property on homepage and footer

Published 20 May 2018 By montereycountyrealestate

Hello. I need information about
1. I don't understand how can I put homepage map search widget. I dont any option in the widget
2. Show Feature property on home page
3. How can I edit footer?

Created 13 Jun 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello, so for those widgets there are widget areas in WordPress for those specific features. For each widget, you actually need to create a widget/shortcode in IDX Broker / Showcase IDX etc to have them available in WordPress.

Once you create the widget you will need to you can add them to the appropriate widget areas.

Created 28 Mar 2019 | Posted By: CRouse

Can I add a map within the community page itself. I can create and preview the map saved link within IDX Broker and it looks great. However I do not know which short code to use to place it on the page. I've tried embedding just the url but that didn't work.

I understand to add a map to the sidebar would require the platinum package to widgetize it?

Created 28 Mar 2019 | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello Craig, you are correct, to widgetize the map search you need the IDXBroker platinum package.

Created 3 Apr 2019 | Posted By: CRouse

Also, On the Quicklinks is the only display option for a property list and not a gallery?

Created 11 Aug 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

This is one of the best topics I think. Anyone has any link or website with some beautiful footer or homepage of some best property.

Created 19 Sep 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

Recently, I visit here https://www.dubairent.com
and really glad to see how they listed their property on their homepage.

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