Map Search/Feature property on homepage and footer

Published 20 May 2018 By montereycountyrealestate

Hello. I need information about
1. I don't understand how can I put homepage map search widget. I dont any option in the widget
2. Show Feature property on home page
3. How can I edit footer?

Created 13 Jun 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello, so for those widgets there are widget areas in WordPress for those specific features. For each widget, you actually need to create a widget/shortcode in IDX Broker / Showcase IDX etc to have them available in WordPress.

Once you create the widget you will need to you can add them to the appropriate widget areas.

Created 3 weeks ago | Posted By: CRouse

Can I add a map within the community page itself. I can create and preview the map saved link within IDX Broker and it looks great. However I do not know which short code to use to place it on the page. I've tried embedding just the url but that didn't work.

I understand to add a map to the sidebar would require the platinum package to widgetize it?

Created 3 weeks ago | Posted By: IDXThemes

Hello Craig, you are correct, to widgetize the map search you need the IDXBroker platinum package.

Created 2 weeks ago | Posted By: CRouse

Also, On the Quicklinks is the only display option for a property list and not a gallery?

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