css for changing page color?

Published 25 Aug 2018 By kcallender

How do Ichange the background color from light grey to white on my pages?

Created 26 Aug 2018 | Posted By: IDXThemes


It is pretty simple. You just need to add a custom css property which you can do in the WordPress customizer. To find the area in the customizer, just navigate to Appearance->Customize and look for the "Additional CSS" area on the left hand side of the customizer. Then, just add this block of code:

.page {
background-color: #ffffff;

That should take care of it.

Created 22 Dec 2018 | Posted By: kcallender

The background is still grey after adding that CSS where you said. Am I missing something else?

Created 2 Sep 2019 | Posted By: adamhenry

Thanks for sharing some beautiful tips, and it works for me guys.

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