Setting up Services

Published 23 Sep 2021 By nelsonrealtorinfo

Hi, I paid for the $99 set up fee and the $24.99 first monthly subscription. What is the next step? Do you provide assistance for the set up or not? No one have contacted me after the payments.

Created 1 Oct 2021 | Posted By: rface001

Hi Nelson, Has the company reached out to you yet?

Created 9 Mar 2022 | Posted By: Exodus

I need to hear from you guys. I am having trouble with something that I know is easy to fix, but I don't want to break the site. I will pay you!!! PAY you $$$. Please call me at 952.432.7956

Created 19 Apr 2022 | Posted By: chewy001

I am having critical errors on my site after installing the framework and theme and have contacted them many times and no one responds, seems like this company is now dead or something. Any ideas on how to contact them and get a response.

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