Showcase IDX Community Pages Part 3

Showcase IDX Community Pages Part 3

In this lesson, we dive a little deeper into creating quick results links from saved searches in Showcase IDX. We will look at the Search Library as well as the Hotsheets and how to embed them into WordPress pages.

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Lesson Summary

We are going to take some time to visit the concept of embedding hotsheet shortcodes into WordPress pages and then hooking them into the IDX Themes Community Pages. For every community, you can create as many pages with hotsheets as you want. Each page then can be added to the quick results array to be displayed in the sidebar of your community pages.

The process is always going to start with creating a search. After the search is created and saved, you turn that search into a hotsheet and select the options for how you want it to display. This can be either Grid, List, or a Carousel and each option has the ability to show a map with the results. Depending on where you are going to be embedding the shortcode, this may or may not be a good idea. After creating the hotsheet, you will create a page in WordPress the a corresponding title and slug. Once you have that page saved, just copy the url to that page and paste it into the quick property results area and give it a label. It is that simple.

When creating saved searches and hotsheets in Showcase IDX, naming is important. You will be creating so many of these that you need to have naming convention that allows you to quickly sort and search so that you do not get lost in the chaos.

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