Real Estate SEO
$200 / mo

Product Overview

Let's be honest, Real Estate SEO is hard. The market is saturated with websites and there is a lot of competition. And don't forget the fact that you are real estate professionals and not web developers or SEO experts. IDX Themes has years of experience in the real estate SEO market and we know how to create the content you need to attract visitors to your website and keep them there.

There are lots of reasons why website owners do not take the time to invest in organic content creation for their real estate website. There is not enough time, there is too much to learn, I cannot format my content as nicely as I would like to present it to my readers, I don't understand the Google algorithms, etc. That is why we have created a simple and affordable solution that offers strategic content creation and white hat practices for long term growth in organic search results. There are no shortcuts when it comes to improving the organic search results for your website and long term consistency is critical to its success.

Real Estate SEO Features

  • 5 Hours per month of custom content creation
  • Hyper Local community based content
  • Optimized Meta Tags, Content, Page Titles, and Heading Tags for all created content
  • Monthly progress reports