IDX Themes Community Pages Part 3

IDX Themes Community Pages Part 3

In this video we finish up the construction of community pages by showing how to create sub-community pages. That includes building the sub-community and then defining the parent. We also take a minute to show some of the different functionality in community page construction that different themes may offer.

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Lesson Summary

Sometimes you may want to feature a community within a community. Maybe you have a housing development within a particular community page that you only want to feature within that specific community. Well, IDX Themes has a solution for that and that is by building sub-communities. Building sub-communities is very simple and is exactly the same as building a normal community. The only difference is before publishing, you define a parent community.

We also take just a minute to explain how different themes may have some unique functionality in terms of fields specific for adding shortcodes for featured properties or the dynamic school data.