IDX Themes Homepage Content and Blog Archive Page

IDX Themes Homepage Content and Blog Archive Page

In this lesson we will cover how to add some homepage content to your website. This content can have serious SEO value so make sure to take care when writing it. We will also setup a blog page so that we can define a static front page to be used for the homepage content area.

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Lesson Summary

Adding homepage content that describes your business and your market area can have a real impact on your SEO value. Though this is not a content creation video, we will show you how and where to create a homepage and a blog page as well as define a static front page to display your homepage content and a posts page for your blog archive. Even if you do not want to maintain an active blog, you will have to define a page to use as the posts page archive.

In the video, we post a little code snippet for adding some padding around the main homepage content area. Without this padding, all of your text will run to the sides and all the way to the top of the content area. Here is that snippet that you can use for your own homepage content area