IDX Themes Community Pages Part 2

IDX Themes Community Pages Part 2

In this lesson, we continue our build of our first community page. We will cover a lot of ground in this video and discuss topics such as adding primary content, listing search results links, community image galleries and much more.

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Lesson Summary

It is time to get our hands dirty building our community page. We will give you the basic tools you need to continue building your community pages when we are finished here. We do not use any specific IDX integration, but, we will be using IDX Broker as a basic instructional tool for how we can add content specific to IDX. We will dive into a more advanced integration using IDX in a different series, but, for the broad strokes we will use IDX Broker.

This will be part 2 of a 3 part miniseries on building the community pages. After this episode, we are going to need to take a step back and hook up a few third party API libraries we use in the themes for enhancements such as local School Data and a simple Weather Forecast.